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A look inside my ADHD

As promised, I am writing a blog today about what it means to be ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. When seeking a diagnosis, I suspected that I might be ADHD or autistic, but I had never really considered that I might have both. Even though I knew that many people had both diagnoses.  Part of my thought process about getting a diagnosis was that if I have behaviors or issues that are due to ADHD the treatment approach might be slightly different based on the reason or cause of the behavior or issue. I knew there was some cross-over in symptoms, but what was interesting to me was the amount of cross-over between the two diagnoses. To help you understand this, I want to use the same graphic that my psychologist provided me when explaining my diagnosis. This graphic comes from the Neurogivergent Insights website which has even more great resources and descriptions available.  The terms, symptoms, and behaviors you see on the left are unique to ADHD, while the ones on the

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