Technologies for the Restaurant Industry

I just read/watched an interesting article/video about technology trends in the retail industry.

As a consumer I can agree that some restaurants have taken it too far. While I can appreciate the technology of the Ziosk as an example of really cool technology, I think it is being marketed and implemented in the wrong type of retail. I can name at least two restaurants that my husband and I will not go to anymore because of the so called "lost soul".

Likewise, I have a number of friends that work in retail. The complaints of the scheduling process are really quite depressing. It makes me wonder why people stick with it sometimes. This is an area that I think restaurants could do well with some more technology. There are plenty of affordable options like StaffHub, an addin to Microsoft Teams, among others that could help solve this problem and help to build more camaraderie through out the team.

Meanwhile, I see so many people changing jobs every one-two years. While I have never been one to jump ship, I know that many seek the "greener grass". Again there are plenty of affordable and easy to implement solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent that can help engage employees from the moment they accept an offer. I'm actually envious of some of the solutions we implement got clients, and excited to help implement some of these technologies for my company.

Bottom should be investing I. Your people and your technology. And sometimes, your technology may be an investment for your people. In a client focused age, remember your employees are your "internal clients" and you need to serve them just as well or better than you expect them to serve your clients.


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