10 Reasons to Attend User Group Summit - North America 2019

  1. What better way to kick off the week than learning about Power Apps immediately after the Keynote.
My first session is immediately following the keynote. AND YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE. I have done this sessions a number of times around the world, and I am pumped to bring it to #UserGroupSummit North America. Here is the session description:

Building Practical PowerApps for Embedding in Talent or D365FO
Are you wondering what you might actually use PowerApps for in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations? Then be sure to join Rachel Profitt, MVP in this session to learn about practical and real life examples of how you can leverage PowerApps in both Finance and Operations and Talent. We will walk through the process of creating a basic canvas app from scratch. We will use a cascading drop down and configure some basic formulas as well. Most importantly, we will walk through how to embed the PowerApp into the interface.

  1. Session Recordings come to UG Summit! - Hear me speak! Getting Started with the Regression Suite Automation Tool (RSAT)
We all know #ContinuousUpdates have been a hot topic. #RSAT is what what makes it even remotely possible to take those updates. This year, for the first time ever, the user group is recording sessions. This session will be one the list of recorded sessions. If you can't make it to my session live, be sure to add the recordings to your conference pass for just $100.

Wondering which other sessions are being recorded? Check them out here and look for the video icon:
Here is the session description:

Join Rachel Profitt, MVP to learn how you can start creating your own regression tests leveraging the Task Recorder, Excel and Azure Dev Ops together. If you are concerned about how your organization can practically take continuous updates then you will not want to miss this session. I will share tips and tricks for creating and running your tests.

  1. A friendly competition where you can get all your questions about #Dyn365FO answered
This might be the session I am most excited about. We have formed two teams. Also there will be costumes. I encourage you to come and vote for my team "The Toros". Not familiar with the Toros? Here is a short video to get you up to speed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8tvkrs76is

All I have to say to the other team, is you better be ready to BRING IT ON!

In all seriousness though, send your questions in ahead of time to make sure they get answered. Here is the session description:

Visit a group of Dynamics experts in this competitive Ask the Experts session and see how they compete to provide answers to your most gnarly AX 2012 or D365FO issue! If you'd like to provide a question or problem prior to the event, please email to: julie.deutz@dynamiccommunities.com.

  1. Earn CPE credits and learn about managing your indirect costs for production
Many sessions are eligible for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. You can find the whole list of sessions here:
Be sure to look for the certification icon to find all the sessions you can get CPE credits for.

In this session, I am excited to be joined by Lenora Randle who is a Cost Accountant at Algood Food Company. She will help bring her real life tips and tricks to the world of costing. Here is the session description:

Join Rachel Profitt, MVP and Lenora Randle from Algood Food as we share how to plan and implement your costing sheet. We will discuss the various types of indirect costs and how to configure each type. You will hear how these costs help manufacturing organizations get better insight and more accurate costs.

  1. It's not just about Dynamics 365 - there is still great content for AX 2012
There are entire tracks of content dedicated to AX 2012. Including this great session I am presenting with my MVP cohort, the one, the only, Kelly Kane. The session is called Ask the Experts: Making the Most of AX 2012. And this session is just one of many in the AX 2012 Best Practices track. You can find and tag all the AX 2012 sessions in your session builder by visiting  https://na.usergroupsummit.com/nasummit/conference-schedule/sessions and then selecting AX 2012 Best Practices in the Track drop-down box.

Here is a description of our session:
Are you on AX 2012 and an Upgrade to Dynamics 365 is not anywhere in your near future? Perhaps your upgrade is going to take 12-18 months, and you want to fix some problems that you have now. 

Join MVP’s Kelly Kane and Rachel Profitt in this panel session and be sure to bring all your questions. We will talk about what you need to do to reduce risk if you plan to stay on 2012, and we will have tips for getting more value of the investment you already made in AX 2012. Even if you aren’t planning your upgrade now, you can likely take action on many of these tips right away.

  1. The Dream Team presents…A real-life story, from a real-life customer
What's not to love about a user getting up on stage for the first time and sharing their story. I have the great honor of joining Sempra Global to present on the Financial Period Close Workspace and how they integrated it with Microsoft Flow. This is certainly not the only real-life story you can hear at summit, there are tons of them and that is why this is a definite-must attend event. I will be joined by Rene Raagas, Suhas Rao, and Ismar de Campos to present this unforgettable session.
How Sempra Global Extended the Financial Period Close Workspace with Flow
In this session, Sempra Global will present the business case for using the Financial Period Close Workspace (FPCW) and the gaps found by the business. We will review the overall business process flow and explain how the workspace was extended to integrate with SharePoint using Microsoft Flow. We will also look at the approval process that was implemented with Flow for approving tasks in the checklist. We will also discuss how SharePoint document retention policies drove the business process and were implemented to help the long term retention of documents.

  1. The Power Zone! UG Content meets Silent DJ
So this exciting new feature is going to be amazing. I have been promised that at least one of my sessions will be on this fantastic new stage. In the Power Zone there are four stages with presenters presenting simultaneously - but silent DJ style!  Maybe you don't know what a Silent DJ, Silent Disco, SoundDown party, or whatever you want to call it is…here is a link to a Wikepedia article where you can read up on it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silent_disco

In a nutshell, you will don a pair of headphones and pick the presenter you want to listen to. Have a question you want to ask! No worries, there will be these cool cubes that the presenters can throw at you to talk into and ask your question.

Not only will this be fun, but it will be interactive, and you can say that you participated in the first ever Power Zone! Here is the session I am hoping will be on the Power Zone stage. #PowerZone

Flowing with the Common Data Service
Microsoft MVP, Rachel Profitt, will demystify the Common Data Service (CDS). She’ll start by creating a new CDS environment, review how to create and modify entities and pick lists, and import and export data. Discussion will also how to configure basic security options for the CDS. We will touch on the new features to get a CDS with your F&O environment and we will briefly discuss the Dynamics Integrator and Dual Write features as techniques for getting your data into the CDS.

  1. A full day or half day of Pre-Conference Academy training!
Well maybe all the great sessions were not reason enough to attend. I will also be hosting a half day academy class on Monday where you can get your hands on the product and get live instructor-led training. Maybe you need lots of CPE credits, you can rack them up with all the pre-academy training. You can view the whole schedule here: ttps://na.usergroupsummit.com/conference-schedule/academy

My class is called Create Automated Emails and Approval Flows with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
In this course you will learn how end users can configure Microsoft Flow to create customized emails and approval processes. These can include people outside of Dynamics 365 F&O, and are based on the new business events framework. You will learn how alert rules, workflow, change based events, and much more in F&O can act as a trigger to perform functions outside of the system. 

  1. The Women in Technology Luncheon
I am a big fan of diversity and helping to mentor and grow young professionals into power houses no matter what their background. I am honored to be asked to be a panelist/mentor at this year's Women in Technology Luncheon. It will be taking place on Wednesday, October 16th and is a don't miss event in my opinion. You don’t have to be a woman to join and support all the women - you just have to come with a positive and open mind. Here are the full details:

Please join your User Group peers for a special event at Summit North America! Women in technology are dealing with similar challenges, craving the same opportunities, seeking new ways to grow, and looking for like-minded professionals with whom to share their experiences. We are excited to bring you this special luncheon, inspiring presentation, and great conversation with your peers – entirely dedicated to encouraging and empowering women in technology-related fields. This luncheon is free of charge to all registered Summit Orlando participants.

  1. The Medic Booth
The Medic Booth has been a long running tradition, and I am proud to be back at the medic booth this year to help answer your questions. You can stop by the medic booth anytime and get help on those pesky problems that you can't seem to find an answer for. We don Doctors coats and it makes us feel like we really do have all the answers! Haha!

  1. All the other great sessions, networking opportunities, and pointless swag you can take home
If those were not enough reasons to get you down to Florida for the User Group Summit, that I am not sure what is. But  maybe my sessions are not your cup of tea…check out the full session schedule here: https://na.usergroupsummit.com/conference-schedule/sessions

Maybe my Academy class wasn't what you were hoping for…here is the full list of academy courses: https://na.usergroupsummit.com/conference-schedule/academy

Maybe my reasons for attending were not enough to convince your boss…the UG site has even more resources for you on why you should attend here: https://na.usergroupsummit.com/attend/why-attend

But wait, there's more…don't forget about
  • the Expo receptions with free drinks and appetizers!
  • all the opportunities to network with your peers!
  • the sponsors who have pointless swag that your kids (or you, secretly) will love
  • the sponsors who have parties to celebrate


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