Program Strategy: Project Goals and Objectives

One of the first things you will likely be asked when you are doing a solution blueprint review is what are the goals and objectives of the project. 

When you are filling out the Solution Blueprint Review template, this is one of the first slides you will complete. It simply says Project goals and objectives at the top and asks for you to add your goals and objectives. 

Screenshot of the Program Strategy project goals and objectives slide.

Seems simple right?

Well in my experience this slide is rarely filled out well, and this creates problems from the beginning of your project. 

Module 8 in the Implementation guide: Success By Design book dives into Project governance which starts on page 151. But for a closer look at project goals, you will want to focus on pages 156-158.

The book offers some great advice on how to craft your goals and objectives. I recommend that your goals and objectives are communicated very early in the project even to your sales team. If you do your own due diligence to document these and communicate them to the sales team and ensure they are part of your statement of work, and you have deliverables that are tied to the goals, your chances of success are increased ten-fold.

When you are filling out the template to prepare for your solution blueprint review you might consider adding a bulleted list of your goals and objectives. If you have a PPT slide from your kick-off meeting, you could insert that slide, if you have documented the goals well in a project charter or statement of work, consider including either a screenshot or a link and indicate which pages the details are documented on to your solution architect. 

It is also important to make sure that you evangelize your goals and objectives to the entire project team. This includes everyone from the partner and ISV's that are helping you deploy your solution as well as all the project team members from your own organization.

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