8 Ways to Save Time and Money - Part 4: Data and Transaction Processing Services

This next item on my list is all about outsourcing your business processes to help you save time and money. Now, you might be thinking "Why would I do this?" Well, I have pulled some examples and scenarios together to help you determine when and why you might use these types of services.

If you are planning or budgeting for new internal project or perhaps a system upgrade—for example an AX/Dynamics 365 upgrade, Exchange to Office 365 transition, logistics projects, maybe you are planning to build a new warehouse, and so on—you may be thinking about which resources are going to be required to achieve those business goals.

Often times companies will go directly to a consulting firm to get services at a high cost. This may leave you with projects lasting a long time, communications issues with consulting teams, and so on.  Another scenario that this often times leads to is a lack of ownership (internally) of these new systems or projects and creates a situation where you are reliant on consulting services long term to help maintain the new project or initiative. Another approach that you can consider for your large internal projects is back-filling positions with other employees. Finding that right balance of using internal resources and outsourcing to consulting company can be key to long term success of your projects.

Often time Temp Agencies are used to fill basic positions during your project. Temp agencies can often times leave a lot to be desired, and come with their own set of problems.

If your options seem bleak and you are looking for another approach to save money, time, and still get the best resources on your project; you may want to consider using data and transaction processing services. These types of services work differently from a typical temp agency in a few ways.

  • You don’t have a temporary employee that may or may not show up to work. Instead you have a contract with a company who staffs workers who are trained and skilled at data and transaction processing. 
  • These workers are instead remote and have tools that help them complete the business process and transactions that you need those extra set of hands or eyes for. 
  • These types of services should have detailed contracts and systems in place for data privacy and documentation support. 

My company has an article you can read to learn more about our service offerings. You can read more about these services here.


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